Orthotic Shoes

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of some orthotic shoes that have been gathered by feedback from physical therapists, orthotists, and families just like yours.  We have all of the shoes noted by price range and list some characteristics of each shoe so you will have a better idea of which shoe may be perfect for your orthotic needs.

A close look at an orthotic shoe with a flap.

Things to look for in orthotic shoes

‘Singletons’ is the term used when you can buy a pair of shoes in 2 different sizes.  Check out Amazon and Zappos for any of the brands listed below.  Zappos frequently offer singletons and sometimes you can find them on Amazon.

Other notable characteristics:

  • wide and/or rounded toe area
  • a high/deep toe box (a deeper shoe in the toe area often provides the right fit without going too long)
  • avoid shoes that are too long
  • look for wide sizes

Shoes for ‘heavy walkers’

What is a ‘heavy walker?‘  It is not determined by the weight of the child. A ‘heavy walker’ refers to a child who is rough on their shoes.  Their shoes tend to break down easily and fall apart.  Their walking pattern is ‘heavy.’  Some of the shoes below are better than other for heavy walkers.

A cartoon drawing of four children walking together. Two are using mobility aids.

Shoe Price Range Key

$ = 0-$40
$$ = $40-$60
$$$ = $60 and up

‘Skate-style’ Orthotic Shoes

These are ‘skater shoes’ because they are made by popular skate brands but also effectively function as orthotic shoes!

‘Running-style’ Orthotic Shoes

These are ‘running-style shoes’ because they are marketed as running shoes but also double as great orthotic shoes. 

Other Popular Orthotic Shoes

Here are 6 shoe brands that serve well as orthotic shoes.

Orthotic Shoes Available at Big Box Stores

Here are 3 big box stores where orthotic shoes are easy accessible and can be purchased for a relatively low price.

Orthotic Shoes Made Specifically For AFO’s

A plastic AFO (Ankle Foot Orthosis) can make finding a shoe that fits more difficult. Here are some shoes made for people that utilize an AFO for extra support. These shoes may qualify for insurance coverage if purchased through orthotist.

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